3 ways to become rich without robbing a bank

There are many ways to become rich and some of them are not quite reliable, but you can enrich yourself by marrying money. It's a way, a lot of people recognize it, well, these are people, you will have the same old problems with anyone, so you can also marry a rich person.

It's a fair and reasonable logic, not for everyone, but there are people who think that way. Another approach if you are born with wealthy parents is the strategy of simply living on wealthy parents. Of course, you may be old enough and you may have lived a poor life until your time came, but in the minds of some peoples, it's an approach legitimate wealth.

Others work for a living but base their hopes on a weekly lottery ticket. While it's true that every person wins every week, in reality and looking at the odds realistically, your entire weekly lottery ticket purchase gives you some dream time. Chances are so great against you that the possibility is laughable for anyone who is serious about being rich.

Others still think that all the rich are dishonest anyway, so they decide to apply their own strategy to enrich themselves on the premise that these rich could not enrich themselves without take money from someone else. In reality, they are so far from the truth that it's not funny. Rich people became rich not because they stole others, they became rich because they created value from scratch and sold it to those who wish . But these confused people can indeed sell their souls and turn to a crime of one kind or another.