2019 will say goodbye with solar eclipse in some parts of the world | El Salvador News

This last solar eclipse of the year will take place on Thursday, December 26, reported the Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico (SAPR), an organization endorsed by NASA Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium.

However, the eclipse cannot be seen from Puerto Rico and America, it was indicated in a statement.

The SAPR explained that the eclipse will be annular, which means that our natural satellite the Moon will be in its orbit farthest from Earth (apogee), causing its apparent diameter not to completely cover the solar disk and ensure that it looks like a ‘Ring of Fire’ at its climax.

“Although the eclipse cannot be seen from Puerto Rico and America, people living in the easternmost part of Africa, Asia, part of Oceania, Arabia, part of the coast of Oman and the south of the island of Guam in the Pacific they will have the opportunity to witness such an impressive astronomical event, one to culminate in 2019, ”said Professor Juan Villafañe, president of the SAPR.

Villafañe added that “it is important to know that you should never observe the Sun directly, unless it is through a specialized filter for telescopes, such as those used by the organization in its public events. Observing the Sun directly without adequate protection can cause loss of vision for life. ”

For more information about the eclipse you can visit the SAPR Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/saprinc.

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