Tesla will not release all Model 3 before the turn of the year

Tesla Model 3

The vehicle for the mass market is the hopefuls of the car manufacturer.

(Photo: Reuters)

BangaloreThe electric car manufacturer Tesla is sitting at the end of the year on thousands of vehicles of its hopes Model 3. More than 3000 cars were on Sunday still in the camp, reported the auto news site Electrek on Monday, citing persons familiar with the matter.

Although Tesla can still deliver some cars on the last day of the year, but not all. The report was not well received by the market. The Tesla share fell almost two percent. An opinion from Tesla was not initially available.

Group CEO Elon Musk had called on potential car buyers on Saturday, not to miss tax benefits of $ 7,500. These would be halved in early 2019. Previously, the automaker had assured to put everything in motion to deliver cars that were ordered until December 20, later this year. If delivery problems prevent this, Tesla jump in for the lost tax relief, promised Musk.