200 employees protest against layoffs after the “Durstexpress” exit

Around 200 victims gathered on Thursday in front of the central warehouse for “Message in a Bottle”.

Leipzig – After it became known on Wednesday that the “Durstexpress” warehouse in Leipzig will close and that around 450 employees will lose their jobs (TAG24 reported), there was an immediate protest among those affected. On Thursday there was a demonstration against it with a bicycle parade and a rally.

Around 200 people gathered in front of the “Message in a Bottle” central warehouse. © News5 / pit

In the morning, around 200 demonstrators gathered at the Leipzig central warehouse of Bottle Post / Durstexpress at Pelzgasse 1-3 and protested against the layoffs and the threat of the site being closed.

As the union of food-pleasure-restaurants (NGG) announced on Wednesday, the first dismissals had already been delivered by messenger at the beginning of the week. “The employees were caught off guard by the news,” said Jörg Most, managing director of the NGG region Leipzig-Halle-Dessau.

The Oetker Group took over the bottle delivery service last year and merged it with its own online beverage delivery service durstexpress.de.

Last week, the group announced that the two beverage delivery services would be under a single name, namely “Message in a bottle“, respectively.

According to “Bottle Post”, three warehouses nationwide are no longer being operated – in addition to Leipzig, Bochum and a warehouse in Berlin are also affected. Nationwide, the NGG speaks of 2,300 layoffs. The company justified the move with a dual presence in the region.

In Saxony, for example, there is a warehouse in Dresden. “It is also very important to us to continue to employ as many of the Durstexpress employees as possible affected by closings,” said a spokesman. The employees are therefore called upon to apply for a new application at Message in a Bottle.

In Leipzig, more than 25 percent of “Durstexpress” employees applied for a job at “Bottle Post” in the first few days. Many have already been accepted.

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