20-Year-Old Woman Was Hit In The Face By Police 6 Times, Tied Up A Ponytail And Protest As The Last Figure | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini was arrested by the local religious police for not wearing a hijab. She was suspected of being beaten to death. The incident sparked public criticism across Iran. People took to the streets to protest the bloody security crackdown. armed forces and death toll has risen to Among 41 people, a 20-year-old woman, Hadis Najafi, took off her hijab during a protest and was shot and killed six times on the spot. Her latest heroic fight has become the new symbol of the movement.

A 20-year-old woman, Najafi, took off her hijab while protesting and was killed six times on the spot. (Image / Excerpt from Twitter)

From the video on the Internet it can be seen that Najafi took off his turban, tied a ponytail and bravely took to the street, and this became Najafi’s last figure. According to local media, Najafi was shot on the 21st and wounded in the abdomen, head, neck, heart and hands, and was subsequently taken to Ghaem hospital for treatment, where he was pronounced dead.

The actual death toll from the hijab protest may have been 50. (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press)
The actual death toll from the hijab protest may have been 50. (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press)

According to Najafi’s sister, “she was only 20 years old and they killed her with 6 bullets”. She was heartbroken over her sister’s death and she would never remain silent about her sister’s death. During the entire incident, 22-year-old Amini was beaten to death by the moral police for not wearing the hijab. The incident triggered protests from the Iranian people. Since the 16th, a series of protests have erupted across Iran.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi ordered the riot police to “deal resolutely” with the demonstrators. Iranian state radio and television reported on the 25th that 41 people have died so far, although it is far higher than the official claim of only 16 dead, but according to media reports, the actual death toll could be as high as 50. With public anger failing to subside, news of Najafi’s unfortunate death is now being reported. This protest against the hijab may continue to burn.

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