20 stunning and “instragramable” swings to get to know from north to south of Portugal – Portugal

Swings were part of the childhood of all of us and, regardless of the time that has passed, it is always good to go back to swinging and reliving other times. If the swing is placed in an idyllic, calm place and overlooking a breathtaking landscape, the experience becomes even better.

In addition to being perfect places to relax, they are also a hit on social media. Whoever wants a photo on a photogenic swing no longer needs to travel long kilometers to find one, since from north to south of the country there are several swings perfect for relaxing and photographing.

Some are already famous on social networks, such as the swings of Lousã, while others are still unnoticed and, while some are permanently placed, others are only available in the summer. Baloiço da Boneca, for example, became so popular that, even though it was removed, it eventually returned (in a smaller version) in an area close to the previous one.

During the months of isolation, many of these swings were banned or were temporarily removed for safety reasons, but are already back to the delight of visitors. How many of these swings have you visited?

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