20 minutes – «Rigozzi has done the landlady a favor»

Their planned restaurant evening shortly before New Year’s Eve fell into the water: When Christa Rigozzi (36) called for baby chairs in the restaurant in Leukerbad VS, it turned out that the bar had no reservation at all. The moderator angrily posted a screenshot with the alleged booking confirmation on Instagram and asked her followers to “Alpenrose” to avoid. They were treated unkindly and attacked over the phone.


Rigozzi or restaurant: who has the greater image damage after the gossip?

Landlady Dubravka Gluscevic (55) then explained: A third-party website had made the reservation, her restaurant had no website and could only be reached by phone. She had told Rigozzi on the phone that she knew nothing about her booking and had to continue working because she had a full house.

On what Rigozzi nachlegte: The landlady “attacked her from the start, saying that she never sent me confirmation,” she said in “Blick”. Rigozzi then asked calmly what they would do now. «She screamed that it was my problem. She had a lot to do, she attacked me and hung up the phone without saying goodbye. Such behavior is impossible. »

“Not appropriate as a public person”

Rigozzi’s behavior, on the other hand, is problematic for Fabian Plüss, founder of the influencer marketing agency Kingfluencers. “Social blaming” is the name of her insta pillory, “as a person of public interest you should not do that,” he says to 20 minutes. Rigozzi should be much more concerned with the matter and draw his own conclusions from it – without sharing it with their community. “It is inappropriate to take advantage of his power position negatively.”

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Of course, she is basically allowed to criticize the restaurant via social media, Plüss continues. “But if it damages the restaurant, it can lead to a claim for damages. Legally, that would be a long way that rarely makes sense. »

“Understandable but unprofessional”

PR expert Ferris Bühler shows understanding for Rigozzi’s frustration. The fact that the moderator had published the coordinates of the restaurant via Insta was unprofessional.

The readers of 20 minutes think so too: According to a survey in which more than 2500 people have participated so far (as of Friday, 12 noon), 73 percent find that Rigozzi overreacted. Only 7 percent believe that the restaurant will suffer image damage.

Instead of calling for a boycott straight away, she would have better expressed her disappointment, according to Buhler. “Then maybe another restaurant would have jumped into the breach and invited them to eat for free.”

Anyway, he sees a lot of potential in the whole gossip. “Rigozzi as a guest and testimonial, the” Alpenrose “operator as the host, reservation platforms, Leukerbad Tourism – if all parties were to come together, there would be a wonderful story with a happy ending.”

“The landlady took it with her”

For Urs Zurbriggen, CEO of My Leukerbad AG, quite an option, as he says on request. “If there is a request from both sides, we will be happy to arrange it.” He has never had any contact with the landlady or Rigozzi, who was even an ambassador for the resort. “I would have liked Christa Rigozzi to talk to us directly instead of downloading her frustration via social media.” In the next few days – “when some grass has grown over the matter” – he wants to go to the “Alpenrose” «The landlady took the whole thing with her».

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PR professional Bühler is certain, however, that Rigozzi did a great favor for the host in the end. «The new reviews are all positive. There will be more people going to eat there in the future. The landlady is the winner. »And Rigozzi would not harm his image. «Christa has one advantage: she has always been the spirited, emotional Ticino who says when something doesn’t suit her. She will be forgiven for her outburst of anger. »


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