20 minutes – Mother contradicts police after pool accident

After the bathing accident in a Spanish holiday resort with three deaths, the mother disagreed with the police report that her drowned family members could not swim. During their vacation on the Costa del Sol, a girl, his big brother and his father drowned on Christmas Eve in the pool of a resort in Mijas near Málaga in the south of the country. Only the mother and a third child of the British-American family, a 14-year-old, survived.

Cause According to the police: Lack of swimming knowledge

According to the police, it was a “tragic accident caused by lack of swimming knowledge”. All previous investigations and the statements of all eyewitnesses clearly indicated this, the police unit Guardia Civil announced on Friday in Málaga. She did not confirm speculations about a defective pool pump.

Hotel denies representation of mother

However, the mother insists that “something was wrong with the pool, which made swimming difficult at the time,” according to a late Friday evening release to the British media. The hotel denies that.



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