20 minutes – “He had blood around his nose and mouth”

A newborn baby was discovered on Saturday at the Werkhof in Drstetten (BE) by an individual. The girl, in a state of hypothermia, was transported in a critical state to the hospital, said the cantonal police and the Bernese public minister in a press release.

The police opened an investigation to clarify the origin and the identity of the child. According to the first elements of the investigation, the newborn was placed in a room in the Werkhof accessible to the public, immediately after birth.

A resident of the village of Drstetten discovered the infant shortly after 7:30 am at the waste sorting center. The child was transported to the helicopter hospital in critical condition. Shortly after the discovery, the man received assistance from the responsible plant manager, Klaus Kng, who had just returned from his salting mission.

A blanket saved him

When I covered the baby, I saw that he had a little blood around his nose and mouth. I cleaned it. At that moment, you could already hear the ambulance siren approaching. The baby was lying in a cardboard box. A blanket has been placed on the box. “The baby probably survived because of the blanket,” Knutti believes.

Police are looking for witnesses and are calling relatives of the newborn to come forward, including the mother, so that she can receive any medical care she may need, the statement said.

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