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20 minutes – 20-year-old saves gamers on the other end of the world

Aidan Jackson, 17, from Chester, England, was playing a video game with Dia Lathora, a 20-year-old American gamer, when he started feeling uncomfortable. However, the two continued to talk about a headset.


Were you allowed to play as a child?

Like Lathora towards «BBC“Says Jackson suddenly stopped answering. The Texan was worried. “I heard what I could only describe as a seizure,” said the 20-year-old. She immediately started looking for emergency numbers in the UK and alerted the police.

In the emergency call, the gamer says: “Hi, I’m calling from the USA, I’m on the phone with my friend. He had a fit and he stopped responding. ”Knowing Jackson’s address, rescue workers quickly drove to Chester.

Doctors clarify the reason for the attack

Jackson’s parents were surprised when the police showed up in front of the house. “The police told me that they had received an emergency call from the United States and were supposed to be an unresponsive man in the house,” said Jackson’s mother. When the mother wanted to check on the 17-year-old, she found him extremely disoriented in the room. He was taken to the hospital.

It is still unclear what kind of seizure the teenager had. The investigations are in progress. The family is very grateful to their son’s gamer friend. The mother: «We are very happy for what Dia did for us. It was amazing that she managed to organize help from so far away. »




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