20 best Russian stocks of 2020. RBC Rating :: News :: RBK Investments

To select the best stocks, we compared the returns that an investment in stocks bought at the very end of 2019 would bring to the end of 2020. At the same time, dividends received by investors on these shares during the past year were also taken into account. The stocks have been selected from those that can be bought in catalog RBC Investments.

On average, investments in exchange-traded Russian stocks yielded 14.8%. This is how much the total profitability index of the Moscow Exchange grew by the end of 2020 – from 5,184.22 points to 5,952.77 points. The total yield index takes into account both the value of shares and the amount of dividends paid on them.

At the same time, the best securities of Russian companies brought investors more significant income in 2020. The average return on the top 20 Russian stocks was 80.9%. And the leaders brought even more to investors.

Income from investments in shares of a gold mining company “Seligdar” amounted to 309.9%. And the promotions ranked 20th Phosagro provided an income of only 39.8%. But this is much better than any bank deposit.

The first three positions of our top were occupied by shares of gold mining companies, since in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, gold as a protective asset was in high demand. In total, the top 20 includes five shares of gold miners. In addition, the top twenty includes three shares of ferrous metallurgy companies, three shares of retail chains, and three shares of energy companies. Also among the best stocks are securities of representatives of IT, the financial sector, development, mining, a fertilizer manufacturer and one diversified holding.

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