20-22 August. Focus! The Meteorological Section warns of significant to extremely large rains

Director General of the Section of Meteorology Issued a warning of significant rain, n. 1, all through August 20-22. These are the slopes of the hills and lowland places, beware of flash floods and flash floods. Wave top increased than 2 meters

August 18, 2022 – Ms Chomparee Chompurat, Director General of the Meteorological Office Announcement of the Meteorological Section on “Large to Incredibly Hefty Rains in Thailand (Powerful from 20 to 22 August 2022)” n. 1 of 18 August 2022 includes the written content that

Among 20 and 22 August 2022, the monsoon depression is uncovered in the north and north-east. Even though the low pressure cell in the superior South China Sea will shift into the trenches. In addition, the southwest monsoon that prevails in excess of the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand will intensify. resulting in Thailand to have additional rain and significant to pretty large rainfall in elements of the north. Northeast The central area, together with Bangkok and its surrounding provinces, the japanese and southern region, urged individuals in the space to fork out notice to the danger of hefty to pretty weighty rains and cumulative rains that could lead to flash floods and flash floods, in particular on the slopes around the slopes, the drinking water flows via and marshy spots.

For the southwest monsoon that prevails over the Andaman Sea, the south and the Gulf of Thailand is reasonable. It causes the wind waves in the significant Andaman Sea to be moderate with a wave peak of all over 2 meters in thunderstorm regions, a wave peak of a lot more than 2 meters, although the lessen Andaman Sea and the he large Gulf of Thailand have 1-2 meters in the parts of thunderstorms Waves are about 2 meters large. Sailors are encouraged to continue with caution and steer clear of sailing in the occasion of thunderstorms.

For that reason, persons are encouraged to abide by the announcement of the Meteorological Division. and can adhere to the facts on the web page of the Meteorological Office http://www.tmd.go.th or at -2399-4012-13 and 1182 24 hrs a working day.

Introduced August 18, 2022 at 5:00 am

The Meteorological Department will concern the up coming warning on August 19, 2022 at 5.00 am.

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