2 Ways to Add Sound Effects on Instagram Reels

Kitakini.news – Instagram Reels has been on the rise since 2020. Many people are vying for the best possible short video, whether it’s a new product, an influencer or creator showcasing the products they use, and sharing something that matters to their followers.

Every reel we saw had a different style of presentation, cool effects, and something that made it unique in its own right.

You must have seen multiple reels everywhere, robots, or different voices telling stories about the reels. Launch page Gadgets to use, there are two ways to add sound effects that might be tried on Instagram reels. Check out the following tips.

How to Add Sound Effects

1. Via Instagram Reels

When you’re setting up to post on Instagram Reels, you’ll find the note icon. Here are the steps.

a. Open the Instagram app
b. Select the Reels menu
c. Click the camera image icon
d. Play Reels according to your taste
e. If you have, then select Snippets
f. Click on the note icon to control your Reels audio
g. Click sound effect (Voice Effects)
h. You will find 5 sound effects, namely Helium, Giant, Announcer, Vocalist, and Robot. Choose among the sound effects you like
i. You can apply this effect to Voiceover added via Instagram. After finished adding voice effects to your reels, then proceed with posting your Reels on Instagram.

2. Adding Text in Reels

Another way to add sound effects to Instagram Reels is to add a sound profile to the text added to your Reels. Here’s how to do it:

a. Once you are done adding sound effects in Reels, click on the icon to add text to your Reels

b. Click the 3 dots next to the text at the bottom of the screen

c. choose ‘Text To Speech’

d. Now you can choose which of the two sounds is more suitable for you.

e. Click ‘Finish’

That’s how to add different sound effects to your Reels videos. Now, you can create Reels videos on Instagram for work purposes or just to improve your skills in making Reels videos on Instagram.


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