2. Round table on education in Meissen • Frank Richter

After we devoted ourselves more to the philosophical-pedagogical question of a different understanding of education at the last round table on Education in Meißen, which does not exclude digitality, only evaluates it differently, we are becoming completely digital. And that in two ways. Not only will the 2nd round be organized via Zoom, the content will also be about a digital topic, the “virtual classroom”.

Dr. Christian Bohner will present his development in the first part and then be available for questions and feedback.

We would be very happy if the offer was taken up in large numbers. Please register by Friday, November 27th 2020 to our office email address: [email protected]

The direct invitation to the Zoom conference is then sent by email.

Nobody has to worry, the format could overwhelm them. It is relatively simple and, as experts like to put it, “self-explanatory”. The event should last a maximum of 2 hours.

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