2 Planets in the Solar System That Don’t Have a Moon, Which One?

KOMPAS.com – Planet-planet di solar system almost all of them have a “moon” or natural satellite.

A natural satellite is a celestial body in space that orbits around a larger object.

Natural satellites are also referred to as “moons”. So that what is called the Moon is not only the Moon orbiting the Earth.

The moon or natural satellites function as towing small celestial bodies in the vicinity, so that there is no collision at the center of the satellite’s orbit.

Even so, there are two a planet that doesn’t have a moon or natural satellites. Who are they?

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Reported by page NASA, the two planets are Mercury and Venus.

The reason the two planets do not have a moon is thought to be because the two planets are too close to the Sun. However, there are other conjectures.

Moons that are too far from these planets (Mercury and Venus) will be in an unstable orbit and be captured by the Sun.

If the moons get too close to the planets (Mercury and Venus), they will be crushed by the tidal gravitational force.

The zone in which the moons around these planets can be stable for billions of years may be so narrow that no potential moon has ever been captured into orbit.

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