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2 notes & Dangdutan, Ganjar Geram, Send WhatsApp to Brebes Regent: It’s Dangerous Page all

- A mass notes & event which was attended by thousands of people was held at Brebes, Central Java, Sunday (7/12/2020).

The event was also colored by the dangdut stage which made people gather in one of the fields.

In circulating photos and videos, many people came to the event without wearing masks and keeping their distance.

Ironically, the event in Tonjong District was actually attended by Bupati Brebes Comes Priyanti.

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Rage rewards

COMPARISON / REGIONAL FISCATION Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo

Reports about the event made the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo generate.

He then sent a message WhatsApp contains a rebuke to the Dundee Regent Idza Priyanti and his deputies.

“I just received a report from my friends in Brebes, there was a community member from the village head who reported me. I saw the news and the video. It was dangerous. Directly the WA Regent and Deputy,” said Ganjar

The head of Idza, Ganjar requested that mass events not be held in the middle of a pandemic.

He asked all parties to have a great sense of concern and awareness regarding the danger of spreading Covid-19.

“This is still developing in Java (Covid-19). Almost all points, in Central Java, West Java, East Java and DIY also still occur. So let’s have sense about that, “he said.

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Illustration of corona test using swab or swab method to find out someone infected with Covid-19.Horth Rasur Illustration of corona test using swab or swab method to find out someone infected with Covid-19.

More thrust of mass testing or PCR events

Instead of holding a mass entertainment program, Ganjar asked the Brebes Regent to focus on conducting mass tests to find out the spread of Covid-19 in his area.

Testing-testing this mass is actually activity driven. I want to try to do massive tests first in all regions of Brebes to find out what the map is like. In my opinion it’s much better, “he stressed.

After the mass test, the conditions of the sub-district and village can be mapped.

“If you want an event, you choose which one is green, which sub-district, which village, who can take part, what kind of health protocol. To find out where the red, yellow and green areas can only be discovered when a mass test has been done,” said he.

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Source: (Author: Semarang Contributors, Riska Farasonalia | Editor: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief)


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