2 Month-THR Staff Salary Not Yet Paid, This is Jungle Land’s Step

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Jungle management Waterpark Bogor dan Jungle Adventure Theme Park Sentul, namely PT Graha Second Centers Propertindo Tbk (JGLE) acknowledged that they have not paid their employee salaries for the period February and March 2020.

In addition, the condition of companies affected by the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the 2020 THR (holiday allowance) payments.

Nuzirman Nurdin, Chief Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs Officer of Graha Andrasentra Propertindo, explained The number of employees affected by the pandemic with other statuses amounted to 762 people as of August 31, 2020.

“A total of 410 people of whom came from PT JLA, where the salary of February 2020 (total underpaid 38%) and March 2020 (100%) had not been paid when JLA closed its operations due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the enactment of PSBB in the Jabodetabek area, ‘ ‘he said in an email to CNBC Indonesia, quoted Monday (28/09/2020).

Regarding the unpaid THR (holiday allowance) information, he explained that the unpaid THR is the 2020 THR which should have been paid in May 2020.

The 2019 THR and previous years have been paid in full.

He explained, referring to the Circular of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Number M / 6 / HI.00.01 / V / 2020 concerning the Implementation of 2020 Religious Holidays in Companies during the Pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), that companies that do not able to pay THR 2020 at all at the specified time due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the THR payment is allowed to be postponed up to the end of 2020 (SE Menaker No. M / 6 / HI.00.01 / V / 2020).

According to him, with the enactment of the provisions on BPJS Kesehatan, followed by the provisions regarding the BPJS Employment Pension Insurance Program (BPJS TK), it will be even more burdensome for the company’s performance in fulfilling its obligations.

Thus, the BPJS TK contributions which were originally smooth, then become delinquent, as the company prioritizes BPJS Health which benefits are more needed and can be used by employees every month.

Regarding BPJS TK dues in arrears, the company still pays the fees directly to employees who stop working.

“Regarding the payment of the February-March salary and the 2020 THR that is owed, we continue to strive to be able to pay it off through support from other business units that have been allowed to operate or through asset divestment.”

“However, with the current conditions where the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the PSBB continue, efforts are not as easy as imagined,” he said.

Previously employees of the Jungle Adventure Theme Park Sentul under the management of PT Jungleland Asia (PT JLA), a direct subsidiary of Graha Second Centers convey unek-uneknya on the comments page Instagram formal Nia Ramadan, the artist and wife of Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie (Ardi Bakrie), one of the third generation of family business successors Bakrie.

Graha Second Centers belongs to the Group Bakrie due to being a subsidiary of PT Bakrie Development Tbk (ELTY) through PT Surya Global Nusantara with a share ownership of 38.76% as of September 2019.

“Ma’am is very rich. Ma’am, please know to the Bakrie family if we Jungleland haven’t been paid this salary for 6 months waiting for not being paid yet .. but you look charming for that wealth .. I can’t convey it,” wrote the account @rizaldinaldianputra.

502 other comments responded to Rizal’s comment.

“I am also empathetic and sad, I can’t imagine how it feels like not being paid 6 months of salary while the necessities of life continue,” wrote the account @abelformarhena.


CNBC Indonesia contacted Rizal via Instagram and confirmed that he and his friends had not yet been paid. He works in the Jungle Land Group, to be precise the Jungle Adventure Theme. While Nia has not yet responded to the hot comments of netizens.

To CNBC Indonesia, Rizal explained that he and his friends worked from February to March, it was real work but they were not paid.

“Then we have a meeting, he said, he said that he paid in April. So that missed, he did not pay it. Then there was another meeting. He said that September will be paid at the latest,” he explained.

“Now it has entered September and the end date too. So we are boosting social media so that it does not fail again and worse, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan from 2017 to 2020 has never been deposited by the company. And the worst is that last year’s THR was also not paid.”

Nuzirman Nurdin said, selama PT JLA closed, employees are exempted from work obligations (no work no pay principle applies). “Thus, what is said to have been a delay in salary for 6 months is baseless,” he stressed Nuzirman.

He explained, when many companies experienced a decline in revenue due to a decrease in purchasing power due to the outbreak Covid, the company can’t even get any income.

This happened not because of the company’s performance, but because the recreational parks owned by the company were prohibited from operating in an effort to reduce the rate of the outbreak Covid-19.

However, he said, the company still has good business potential. This is reflected in the company’s water recreation park, after obtaining a permit to operate again in mid-July 2020, having revenue in August 2020 that was relatively the same as income in the months before the outbreak. Covid-19 happened.

“This is a good indication considering this performance was achieved during the outbreak Covid still ongoing today, “he explained.

Referring to the financial reports per quarter III-2019 or as of September 2019, the company’s sales were recorded to have decreased by 6.8% to IDR 187.55 billion from September 2018 of IDR 201.33 billion.

In September 2019, the net loss was recorded at Rp. 86.08 billion, an increase of 147% from the previous September 2018 net loss of Rp. 34.79 billion.

Several companies are under the control of the group’s business, namely Aston Bogor Hotel & Resort, The Jungle Waterpark, and Jungle Adventure Theme Park Sentul.

Santoso Budi, Corporate Secretary dan Chief Legal Officer JGLE, in the disclosure of information on the IDX, on August 18, said the company was disturbed by Covid-19 namely in the case of a total operational shutdown for more than 3 months.

He explained, Aston Bogor Hotel & Resort began to stop operating on March 22, 2020, then on June 13, 2020, started operating again by implementing health protocols Covid-19.

As for The Jungle Waterpark started to stop operating on March 20, 2020, and then on July 18, it started operating again by implementing health protocols Covid-19.

Sementara itu, Jungle Adventure Theme Park Sentul started to stop operating on March 20 and has not yet returned to operation.

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