“2 million views of the trailer in one day…” Disney’s new ambitious film’Luka’

On the 26th, Disney Pixar released a trailer video for his ambitious new film’Luka’ this summer on YouTube.

This new work’Luka’ was elaborately produced by the production crew of’Coco’,’Inside Out’ and’Toy Story’.

In particular, in this work, the dazzling scenery of the Italian Riviera, one of the representative attractions of the Mediterranean Sea, raises expectations.

It tells the story of Luca, a boy with a special secret, and his friends adventuring a new world in Italy, where the shining sea unfolds endlessly.

Below YouTube’Pixar’ teaser video capture

Luka and her friends who enjoy summer induce a pleasant smile. The innocent appearance of reassurance that no one would have revealed a secret and the outrageousness of the boys make laughter.

The friendly song’You Are My Sunshine’ with a cheerful melody also makes the hearts of fans excited.

It raises the curiosity of what kind of secrets and stories will unfold in the mysterious appearance of Luca exposed under the sea.

Disney and Pixar released the teaser video and said, “This work is meaningful because it focuses on friendship.” “In addition to the charm of enjoying the beautiful beach, you will be able to experience various experiences.”

Following’Soul’ that melted the frozen heart in 2021, the new Disney Pixar’s ambitious’Luka’ is expected to provide a feeling of friendship as well as the curiosity of adventure secrets. ‘Luka’ is scheduled to visit us on June 18th.

Disney Pixar’Luka’ poster



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