2 Citizens Arrested by Russia in Ukraine, USA: Treat Humanely!


Two original volunteers United States of America captured by the troops Russia when fighting with the troops Ukraine. The US government urges Russia to treat the two as prisoners of war who must receive humane treatment.

Reported from the news agency AFPFriday (06/17/2022), the US State Department also said that one other American is also believed to be missing in Ukraine, in addition to two military veterans who were reportedly captured by Russian forces in heavy fighting last week.

Russia have certain obligations and members of the Ukrainian armed forces – including volunteers who may be third nationals who serve in the armed forces – must be treated as prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

He added that prisoners of war should be “provided with treatment and protection commensurate with that status, including humane treatment and fundamental process and guarantees of a fair trial.”

Earlier, the family and local members of Congress said on Wednesday that Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh, both US military veterans living in Alabama, lost contact with their relatives last week while fighting with troops. Ukraine near the Russian border.

Local congressman Terri Sewell said Drueke’s mother contacted her earlier this week. “According to his family, they have not heard from Drueke in several days,” Sewell said in a statement.

“We will continue to do our best to help find him and find answers for his family.”

Watch the video ‘Zelensky: The Stronger Our Weapons, The Faster the Free People’:

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