1st National will be shut down at least until after weekend November 8 | Lower classes

The rising corona figures have forced the RBFA crisis cell (RBFA, Football Flanders, ACFF and the Pro League), in consultation with the government, to once again introduce new rules. On Wednesday it was decided to stop the competition in 1st National until at least the weekend of November 8th. Read an overview here. A Security Council will follow on Friday and these rules may change again if necessary.

1st National

  • 1st National Amateur (+ reserve competition) will be postponed, at least until after the weekend of November 8th.
  • Here too, work is being done on a new medical protocol.
  • Furthermore, the RBFA will consult with the clubs of the 1st National amateur to discuss the continuation of the competition.

Women football

  • As the Scooore Super League will be suspended for the next two weeks due to the international obligations of the Red Flames, nothing will change for the time being.
  • In the meantime, work is being done on a new protocol, which should allow the Scooore Super League to resume after the international break.
  • 1st and 2nd National will be shut down, at least until after the weekend of November 8th.
  • The cup matches that were scheduled for the end of October are being postponed.

Football Flanders

  • This weekend (24 and 25 October) the youth matches U6 to U17 can still be played. The competitions U19, U21, recreationists, reserves and first teams will certainly not take place. Friendly matches can be requested for these categories if explicitly requested.

Pro League

  • The elite youth competition with the exception of U21 has been shut down until the weekend of November 8.
  • The competition in 1A and 1B continues as planned.
  • The Pro League is in the process of adjusting the protocols based on the guidelines of the government.

There may be another update after the Security Council next Friday.

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