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During the almost three months since the war began, 1873 schools have been destroyed in Russian attacks. This is what President Volodymyr Zelensky said when he said spoke to the Ukrainians Saturday night.

In his daily video speech on Saturday, Zelensky commented as usual on the war.

Photo: The President’s Office president.gov.ua

The speech includes primary schools, universities, kindergartens and other educational institutions.

95 of the schools have been completely destroyed.

Zelensky called it a “colossal loss”, but promised that the schools would be rebuilt.

Blown out windows in a primary school in Kyiv on March 18

A man removes a broken curtain from a kindergarten in Kyiv where all the windows were blown in by a Russian rocket in March.

Photo: Rodrigo Abd / AP

In the city of Chernihiv, only seven of the city’s 35 schools are in operation, according to the city council.

Only three schools are completely undamaged. The others have varying degrees of building damage.

Bombed and fire-ravaged school in Andiivla in Donetsk

This school, which is located in Andiivka in the Donetsk region, is said to have been hit by a Russian bombing on 18 May.

Photo: PAVLO KYRYLENKO / Ukraine’s defense / Reuters

Get help from Portugal

When Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa visited Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Saturday, he offered Portuguese help in rebuilding the schools.

Antonio Costa and Volodymyr Zelenskyj met in Kyiv on May 21, 2022

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa offers to help repair ruined schools in Ukraine.


Rocket destroyed 1000 apartments

The Russian rocket attack on the culture house in Lozova in Kharkiv county on Friday afternoon, destroyed not only the newly restored culture house, but also 1000 dwellings. This is stated by Mayor Serhiy Zelenskyj on Telegram.

11 schools and kindergartens were also damaged. A vocational school for car mechanics with a student boarding school was badly damaged.

Seven people were injured in the rocket attack, including an 11-year-old child.

A firefighter washes water at the culture house in Lazova, which was destroyed on May 20 in a Russian rocket attack.

A firefighter washes water at the culture house in the town of Lozova, which was hit by a Russian rocket on Friday.


In his video speech on Saturday night, Zelensky said that there was not much change in the military position in the war in the last 24 hours.

– It is hard, but it is basically good that we can say it on day 87 of this full-scale war with Russia, he said.

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