18 people die in landslide during funeral in New Delhi


New Delhi / 03.01.2021 18:13:33


At least 18 people who attended a funeral in North India died when a low ceiling the one who took refuge during heavy rains Collapsed Sunday afternoon, a police officer said.

About 40 mourners had gathered under the shelter at a crematorium in Ghaziabad district when it collapsed, trapping them under rubble, said divisional commissioner Anita C Meshram.

Rescuers used sniffer dogs to find survivors, who were rushed to nearby hospitals, some in critical condition. He Senior Police Officer, Ijaj Raja, He later said that the rescue operation had been completed.

The cause of the collapse was not clear, but authorities plan to investigate the accident.

“We will conduct an investigation into the matter and determine who is responsible, whether it is the builder, officials or city council workers, as soon as possible,” Meshram said.




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