18 million steps to remember

An unusual project has widespread support in the USA.

Since March 21, the Israeli-American Council has been taking an initiative to actively shape memory of the Holocaust. Under the motto “# 6MillionSteps”, the organization wants to attract Americans in all parts of the country to running events as an innovative expression of remembrance by April 11th. The goal is a total of 18 million steps that participants can count in using Fitbits and similar devices. The 18 symbolizes luck in the Jewish tradition and stands for “life” in Hebrew.

So far, events have taken place in New Jersey, New York City, on the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art made famous by the film “Rocky”, but also in Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Los Angeles . Dozens of nurses, doctors, and other employees from Mount Sinai Hospital attended in Manhattan. The “Grammy” winner and violinist Miri Ben-Ari, who played the Israeli national anthem at a meeting in New Jersey, added a musical note (Link).

As of Wednesday night in the US, the initiative’s online pedometer was 14.3 million (Link).

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