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17 villas up for auction in San Rafael from € 240,000

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Bad news for the family of the late Jesús Gil. The Society for the Management of Assets from Bank Restructuring (Sareb) has obtained that a judge from Segovia instruct the Foreclosure of 17 single-family semi-detached homes, owned by Promotora Inmobiliaria La Mezquita —successor of Promotora Inmobiliaria Los Jardines de Los Ángeles de San Rafael—, owned by Óscar Gil Marín, son of the former president of Atlético de Madrid Jesús Gil, with the aim of collect a debt of almost 3.8 million euros —3.799.208,46 euros—.

The chalets in question are located in Los Angeles de San Rafael, the mega-urbanization controlled by the Gil family —Jesús Gil began its development in the sixties with the aim that hundreds of Madrilenians acquire a second residence near the capital—, and They go up for auction from 240,000 euros. This is how the Official State Gazette (BOE) of this Tuesday, in which Sareb is identified as executing party and Promotora Inmobiliaria La Mezquita as executed, while the Court of Instruction number 5 of Segovia has been in charge of initiating the foreclosure procedure.

Prices from 237,800 euros for 139-meter homes and 312,600 euros for 178-meter homes

The prices at which these assets go to auction move between 237,800 euros in the case of homes measuring 139 square meters and 312,600 euros in the case of larger units, 178 meters. The houses – with between three and four bedrooms – are finished, although the documentation to which El Confidencial has had access gives them an antiquity of between 12 and 14 years. That is, the construction of these homes dates from 2007 and 2009, in the middle of the real estate bubble, and, as happened with thousands of developments throughout Spain, they were never finished or sold.

Sareb sources assure that their intention is to keep the homes – either because the auction is deserted or because Sareb itself finally bids for them – and subsequently put them on the market as it has done with other assets, for example, the houses awarded in the Spain’s first ‘eco’ city, in Bernuy de Porreros, Segovia. While Óscar Gil has not wanted to make statements about it.

Image of some of the chalets up for auction.

All the houses are located in the Los Ángeles de San Rafael Residential Urban Complex and they are registered, in freehold, in favor of Promotora Inmobiliaria La Mezquita, owned in turn by Grupo Los Ángeles de San Rafael Holdings, owned by Óscar Gil Marín, also sole administrator of La Mezquita. On each of these houses weighs a mortgage initially registered in favor of Caja Madrid, first, and Bankia, later, but currently the debt belongs to Sareb. Those interested in bidding on these chalets must previously deposit bonds that range between 11,890 and 15,630 euros.

A new project of 5,000 homes

Óscar Gil Marín (50 years old) is the youngest of the four children of Jesús Gil – Jesús (57 years old), Miguel Ángel (56) and Myriam (54) -, whom his father, as recalled in the documentary series ‘The pioneer’ (HBO Spain), inherited 850 euros in cash in the account and a series of companies valued at 600,000 euros.

Those interested in bidding must deposit bonds between 11,890 and 15,630 euros

While the eldest of the brothers, Jesús Gil Marín, launched one of the great real estate agencies in Spain, Gilmar, and the second, Miguel Ángel, has the majority of Atlético de Madrid, the youngest of the brothers, Óscar, was left with an immense urbanization located in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, between the municipalities of El Espinar, Otero de Herreros and Vegas de Matute, halfway between Madrid and Segovia.

For many years, this urbanization hosted the Atlético de Madrid preseason, and in addition to restaurants and hotels, it has an 18-hole golf course and a large reservoir where different water sports are carried out. More of 2,000 hectares and 4,000 neighbors where, precisely now, he wants to start up 5,000 new homes. A real estate project that will involve an investment of close to 40 million euros and that, according to the sources consulted, has nothing to do with the units that are now going up for auction.

What has become of the family of Jesús Gil, seized 15 years after his death?

Nacho Lorente

According to ‘La Información’, for the implementation of this project, Óscar Gil decided to create another promoter, Aster for Life, while, according to ‘Cinco Días’, half of the 5,000 homes will be independent villas, 40% semi-detached and semi-detached and the rest apartments, while the forecasts would reach 1,000 million total sales, which That means an average of 200,000 euros per house sold.

The urbanization of Los Ángeles de San Rafael was forever marked by the death of 58 people in the collapse of a restaurant in 1969, a fact that led to Gil’s imprisonment due to urban negligence.

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