17 bodies of APU soldiers found in a grave in the Kharkiv region

In the Kharkiv region, law enforcement agencies have begun to exhume the site of a mass grave of Ukrainian soldiers.

In total, there are around 17 bodies of defenders, three of which have been raised to the surface today, informed Head of the Main Directorate of National Police in the Kharkiv Region Volodymyr Timoshko. According to him, the Ukrainian army died in April during the retreat.

“According to the testimony of local residents, the racists collected the bodies in two trucks. They threw him into a graveyard pit. Wholesale. Like firewood. They didn’t leave a single mark on the burial. The villagers independently erected crosses for Easter and took care of the tomb as best they could, “wrote Tymoshko.

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He said the investigative actions would last several days and also ensured that all the names of the dead defenders would be established.

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