169 new cases of coronavirus were detected «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata once again had another record day of coronavirus infections: the Municipality confirmed that this Monday 169 new cases were detected and in this way, 2,412 were reached since the beginning of the pandemic.

The high figure seems to be in tune with the confirmation of Mayor Guillermo Montenegro: this morning he announced that in the city there is already community transmission of the virus. “It can be anywhere,” warned the communal chief.

Mar del Plata had a strong growth in cases in recent days: 6th last Monday; 74, on Tuesday; 76, on Wednesday; 83, Thursday; 81, on Friday; 103, on Saturday and 164, on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Argentine Integrated Health Information System (SISA) again did not report deaths in the city: thus, while in the official statistics listed 57 actually there are already at least 72 fatalities.

In addition, the official report detailed that 45 patients overcame the disease for which they were discharged.

In this way, since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,412 cases have been detected, of which 894 remain active, 1,461 recovered and 72 died.

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