16-year-old installs Ubuntu Linux on iPhone 7

For years, jailbreaking and trying to bypass iPhone security has been fun for many. ‘newhacker1746’, a young man of only 16, used Checkra1n (one of the current jailbreak methods) to install on your iPhone 7 the Linux distribution Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The user, as explained in Genbeta, has posted instructions on Reddit so that anyone who wants to go through this process can do so. Likewise, he posted a video on YouTube showing how it works and the problems it has encountered.

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An iPhone 7 running Ubuntu

‘newhacker1746’ posted how and why he installed Ubuntu on his iPhone 7. Mobile has stopped working due to internal storage problemso it became his guinea pig. After some testing he was not only able to install Ubuntu via the command line, but successfully installed and run the Gnome GUI environment.

If you have an iPhone 7 in the drawer, you can follow the instructions to install Ubuntu Linux on your device

In the video we appreciate how the environment is functional, moving on the iPhone with a mouse. Undoubtedly, a rather curious feat, especially considering that the teenager is only 6 years old. The process can only be applied on iPhone 7because the kernel you used is only compatible with the Apple A10 Fusion processor.

‘newhacker1746’ reports that plan to use this iPhone with Linux as a server, a rather different use from the usual one, but more than valid (and curious).

“Believe it or not, I will be using it in a production environment: I plan to use this iPhone as a server to alleviate capacity issues with my home servers. I am 16 years old and I run several club websites in my school and various servers. of games for my friends, and I want to distribute some load on the iPhone to relieve the main server. “

More information | Reddit

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