16 thousand infections and 672 deaths, but over 300 hospitalizations – Libero Quotidiano

Usually the bulletin on Mondays it always records strong decreases in terms of numbers, and instead this time it is much more worrying than what could have been expected after last week was all in all positive from an epidemiological point of view. In the last 24 hours they have only been recorded 16,377 contagions (4 thousand less than yesterday), but this is attributable to the number of tampons which collapsed to 130,524 (with a positive rate of 12.5%). The most alarming data is always that linked to dead: there have been 672, still many and above all on the increase compared to yesterday’s 541, which suggested the beginning of a descent. But the situation is still very serious, especially for the national health system, whose numbers are difficult to interpret because they are strongly influenced by a too high mortality in Italy: 33,187 hospitalized patients with symptoms in Covid wards (+308, after several days with a minus sign), while those in intensive care are 3,744 (-9). It seems to witness a bit the same situation of March-April, in which deaths were a frightening number compared to infections.

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