16 Tasikmalaya City Residents Died of DHF, Majority of Children

TASIKMALAYA, iNewsTasikmalaya.id Since the beginning of 2022, as many as 16 residents Tasikmalaya City died due to disease Dengue Fever Dengue (DHF). Dengue cases in the City of Tasikmalaya in the last 6 months reached 1,021 cases.

The Head of the Tasikmalaya City Health Office, Uus Supangat, said that the case of DHF in Tasikmalaya City had indeed increased. Even of the 16 cases that died, 70 percent were children.

“Since the beginning of the year until now the number of dengue cases in us has reached 1,021 cases. 16 of them died,” said Uus, Friday (6/24/2022).

According to him, the high number of dengue cases in the city nicknamed the City of Santri is suspected because there are still many residents who ignore the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS).

In addition, environmental cleanliness and weather conditions also contributed to the increase in dengue cases in Tasikmalaya City.

“The area with the highest number of dengue cases is Cipedes District, then Tawang and Indihiang,” he said.

Uus said, currently there are 13 dengue fever patients who are still being treated at health facilities. Although the disease can be cured, dengue can cause death if it is not followed up with treatment quickly.

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