16 people killed and missing in torrential rain in the Seoul metropolitan area, more than 500 mm of rain fell on the 3rd in Seoul, Yin Xiyue apologized

(Photo by Anthony WALLACE / AFP) (Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

The torrential rain in the South Korean metropolitan area has eased. The Yonhap News Agency reported that 16 people have been killed and missing since the incident, and 2,500 houses and houses have been flooded. President Yin Xiyue presided over a government meeting this morning and apologized for the inconvenience caused by the heavy rain. Yin Xiyue also instructed at the meeting that officials should ensure that vulnerable groups are protected from the rain. Yin Xiyue also said that this rainstorm is the worst on record and belongs to extreme weather, but he believes that extreme weather may occur more often in the future, and believes that the worst should be planned.

According to data from the Korea Meteorological Department, from the day before yesterday to this morning, the accumulated rainfall in Seoul reached 525 mm. According to the local government, 9 people were killed, including 5 Seoul residents; among the 7 missing persons, 4 were Seoul residents. In addition, 17 people were injured in the torrential rain and nearly 400 families lost their homes. The government arranged for them to temporarily live in local schools and gymnasiums, and more than 700 families needed to be temporarily evacuated from their homes.

During the heavy rain the day before yesterday, a basement and a half of Sinlin-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul was flooded by heavy rain. A pair of 46-year-old twin sisters and the twin sister’s 13-year-old daughter were killed in the incident. He went to the hospital for treatment earlier and escaped. Many people have described that in the movie “Upgrade Parasites”, the plot of the rainstorm pouring into the semi-basement was staged in reality.

Heavy rain once flooded some railway sections in Seoul, and floodwaters flooded into subway station platforms, suspending some railway and subway services, but most services have returned to normal this morning; the authorities have also lifted the expressway section that runs through eastern Seoul .

The South Korean Meteorological Department has lifted heavy rain warnings for Seoul and Incheon this morning, but authorities warned Chungcheong-do may still see 50 to 80 millimeters of rain per hour.

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