’16 million Ukrainians need help’ • Six more French howitzers for Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says a new Iron Curtain is descending between the West and Russia. The West must be careful, Lavrov said in a press conference. He further stated that Moscow no longer trusts Brussels and Washington.

The Iron Curtain was created after the Second World War and formed the dividing line between the communist Eastern bloc and the capitalist, free West. It gradually fell away after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

Lavrov’s statement comes the day Russian troops have left Snake Island, a small islet in the Black Sea just off the coast of Odessa. According to the ministry, it is “a gesture of goodwill” because it allows Russia to allow food to be exported from Ukraine. Ukraine, in turn, says that the Russian army has been chased from the island.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has worsened relations between the West and Russia. This has led to changes in the security and defense policies of European countries and NATO. For example, the military alliance will expand to include the previously neutral countries of Sweden and Finland. Russian President Putin has warned that tensions with Russia could rise as a result.

At the end of last month, there was already talk in Russia about a new Iron Curtain, in digital form:

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