150 companies support legal action against the BGL general ruling

They are the owners of the »Pension Hubertus« located directly on the Thumsee. The pension filed the lawsuit on behalf of all companies and businesses that are currently restricted. In this way, the plaintiffs want to examine whether the two-week measures are lawful and proportionate.


It is about the existence of many companies that are not to blame for the current increase in the corona numbers, according to the Reichenhaller Unternehmerforum, which supports the lawsuit as well as the active companies Berchtesgaden, in a statement. A list of the supporting companies in the district proves how strongly the traders and landlords are behind the lawsuit. A stately 151 supporting businesses from all over the district are listed.

RUFO chairman Mike Rupin emphasized yesterday in a press release that the plaintiff had “deliberately chosen a medium-sized hotel / catering company”. There are very large and very good hotels with an international reputation in the district, but there are many more medium-sized and small companies. This sign was deliberately set »that it is someone from the middle who ultimately has exactly the same difficulties as the very large companies or the very small ones. Because almost every hotel, every restaurateur directly affected by these measures is fighting for financial survival. “

RUFO chairman Mike Rupin continues: »It is not an individual who is fighting against windmills like Don Quixote, it is entrepreneurship and it is the citizens of an entire district who stand up and use their democratic means. Be it with silent protests in front of the closed schools and kindergartens, be it that the needy are supported with the leftover goods from the catering trade, or be it with the fact that we as a community finally submitted this lawsuit and the urgent application to the Bavarian Administrative Court . “

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Altogether, far more than a dozen formal proceedings against the regulations are pending at the administrative court – each with a complaint and an urgent application; Among other things, restaurateurs have complained that, according to the general decree, restaurants have to remain closed until November 2nd due to the high number of infections. In addition, other students complained that they are no longer allowed to attend schools outside the district. The proceedings of a student who attends high school in Salzburg, plays ice hockey there at a high level and is now unable to train is still pending.

At the beginning of this week, the mayors of the district and District Administrator Bernhard Kern wrote a joint letter to the Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder skillfully. The Mayor of Reichenhall, Dr. Christoph Lung’s coordinated text describes some of the serious effects of the current restrictions on people in the region. Based on this, the district administrator and mayor ask for financial help for the Berchtesgadener Land.

Minister of State Michaela Kaniber has already personally handed the letter to the Prime Minister in her function as local constituency representative. The local politicians want to achieve, according to their own statement, “that a sensible and people-oriented approach is chosen that brings as much protection as possible and as few restrictions as necessary.”

With reference to the difficult situation for the population, especially for restaurant operators, hoteliers, tradespeople, schoolchildren, parents, senior citizens as well as clubs and associations, the district administrator and mayor not only ask for “unbureaucratic financial support for the Free State”, but also demand “caring” from the Prime Minister Understanding «for the concerns of the population.

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In the meantime, numerous business operators in the Berchtesgaden market have adjusted their opening times to the very low number of customers due to the restrictions. Some of the shops open later, some extend their lunch breaks and others even close completely in the afternoon.

By yesterday afternoon, the donation platform betterplace.me had received almost 28,000 euros from businesses and private citizens in support of the lawsuit. Ulli Kastner


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