15-year-old who was missing for more than a month, safe and w …

The 15-year-old teenager from Manage, who had been missing since October 31, was found safe and sound in a house not far from her home on Saturday morning. This confirms the public prosecutor of Charleroi on Saturday. The girl was not a victim of violence.

A 15-year-old girl from Manage in the province of Hainaut left her home on October 31 and has been missing ever since. The police launched the first witness call a few days after her disappearance. In November, the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office sent out a second witness call in collaboration with Child Focus. “The situation is considered alarming,” said the prosecutor’s office at the time.

The teenager was finally found safe and sound on Saturday morning, not far from her home, in a house in Fayt-lez-Manage. “She was there of her own free will,” said the prosecutor’s office. “No violence was used against the girl.”

The Charleroi Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the person who accommodated her will be heard in the coming hours and brought before the investigating judge. An investigation is started.


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