15-year-old Italian Carlo Acutis is beatified

Carlo angle, who died of a form of leukemia at the age of fifteen, will be beatified in Assisi today, Saturday 10 October. The procedure for his beatification started in October 2012. In 2018 he was made Pope Francis recognized as venerable. Early this year, a miraculous healing was recognized in Brazil that is attributed to his intervention.

Carlo Acutis died on October 12, 2006. He went to mass daily and had great veneration for Mary. Like many youngsters his age, he had a soft spot for computer programming, movie editing, and website design. Some therefore hope that these cyber apostle is proclaimed patron saint of the internet, although there are other candidates in line for this. Carlo also volunteered with underprivileged children and elderly people. The Milanese teenager died of leukemia and was buried in Assisi at his explicit request. He is beatified today in the Basilica of St. Francis.

Source: Kathpress.at

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