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15 Ways to Save Battery on Android and iPhone Cellphones to Last Long


How to save HP battery important to know for smartphone users. This is to maintain the condition of the battery on the HP so that it is durable and long lasting.

Of course, it will feel annoying if the HP battery runs out quickly even though it is not used for heavy applications. There are various things that can affect battery performance until it ends up being wasteful.

A number of factors that can affect HP battery performance include poor signal conditions, GPS access in applications to the number of notifications. This is because these conditions make the cellphone continue to work and drain the battery.

In addition, wasteful conditions and run out quickly can also be a sign that the battery has been damaged. This of course must be improved technically.

However, if the battery is draining due to the system run by HP, then there are several ways to overcome it. Here’s how to save HP battery that can be applied to Android and iPhone devices summarized by secondsSulsel from various sources:

How to Save HP Battery

1. Enable Power Saving Mode

The way to save HP battery for Android device users is by activating power saving mode. Using this mode will save battery life on Android devices.

This mode makes all smartphone functions that consume battery limited. Starting from screen brightness, WiFi, mobile connection, to GPS.

It’s easy, which is to go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode > select the Power Saving option. The method for each Android brand may be slightly different.

2. Pay Attention to Active Applications in the Background

Application programs running in the background are not shown by application developers or the operating system itself. It aims to hide various scripts of a system or application so that the user is not crammed with various running codes.

However, as an impact, the number of applications running in the background causes the HP battery power intake to decrease rapidly. So one way to save HP battery is to pay attention to running applications.

If you find an application that is consuming battery, you should uninstall it or limit its use wisely. This will help to reduce the use of battery power on the HP.

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