15.10. Heidelberg is a model municipality for education for sustainable development

From excursions to the beekeeping association, to experiments for crèche children, to the six-week climate challenge: the activities in the Heidelberg network “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD) are diverse. At the initiative of the Agenda office in the Environment Agency, the city of Heidelberg has now been accepted as one of 50 model municipalities nationwide in the ESD competence center. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is intended to support municipalities in the transition to a more sustainable urban society.

Dr. Lea Schütze, project manager of the BNE Competence Center South, emphasized: “Heidelberg is one of the municipalities that has successfully carried out and promoted education for sustainable development for many years. We look forward to supporting the city in consolidating what has been achieved so far and welcoming them to the municipal network of our model municipalities. “

Another aim of the process support is to increase the visibility of Education for Sustainable Development for urban society, for example by setting up an online education platform that clearly presents all offers and makes them accessible to citizens.

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