1,435 kilos of cocaine intended for Antwerp company intercepted … (Antwerp)

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During an inspection in the port of Rotterdam, Dutch customs intercepted a shipment of 1,435 kilos of cocaine on Wednesday. The drugs were in a container from Colombia that was intended for a company in Antwerp.

The container, from Colombia, was loaded with cocoa and arrived by ship in the port of Rotterdam on October 27. Inside, customs found 1,435 kilograms of cocaine. “The container was intended for a company in Antwerp. The company has nothing to do with smuggling ”, the Dutch prosecution said.

The drugs have since been destroyed. The case is being further investigated by the HARC team (Hit And Run Cargo Team), a collaboration of customs, seaport police and the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service FIOD and the Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam. It is not clear whether any arrests have been made.

© OM Rotterdam


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