1,370 new cases, ten deaths. On the hospitalized, alarm-Campania – Libero Quotidiano

Numbers substantially stable in coronavirus bulletin of 8 September released by civil protection. They register 1,370 new cases, up 0.49%, compared with 92,403 swabs, which therefore return to growth compared to Monday. Ten victims in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 35,563. The currently positives detected are 33,789. Patients with symptoms rose by 42 units to 1,903, the number of people admitted to intensive care rose by one, thus increasing to 143. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 280,153 cases have been recorded in Italy.

According to the data, according to what developed by YouTrend, the crude lethality rate stands at 12.7 percent. Therefore, the figures relating to regions with the highest percentage increase compared to the eve: the Campania by Vincenzo De Luca, with an increase of 3.06%; therefore Puglia up by 2.42%, Sardinia by 1.99%, Sicily by 1.76% and Basilicata up by 1.42%.

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