1300-year-old skis found on a mountain in Norway

Photo: secretsoftheice.com

Norwegian archaeologists recovered ancient ski from ice

The first Iron Age ski with bindings was discovered in the ice seven years ago, and the second in September this year.

Norwegian archaeologists have found a 1300-year-old ski on the ice section of Mount Digervarden. It is reported by Secrets of the Ice.

It is noted that the first ski with a binding was discovered back in 2014. All this time, the researchers waited for the ice to melt at the site of the find.

The recently found ski was better preserved than its predecessor, and was located five meters away from it.

To remove it from the remnants of ice and snow, I had to use an ice ax and a shovel, and at the end pour warm water over the find.

The second ski is 187 cm long and 17 cm wide. It is 17 cm longer and 2 cm wider than the first, but their twisted birch bindings are the same.

As the researchers highlighted, this is the best-preserved prehistoric pair of skis in the world. In addition, it has fasteners, which is extremely rare.

It is also emphasized that the skis are not identical, since they were made by hand, and not mass-produced.

“They have a long and individual history of wear and tear and repair before the Iron Age skier used them together and ended up in the ice 1,300 years ago,” the article says.

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