13 year old falls from the 20th floor: the terrible suspect

The 13-year-old was doing his homework on the terrace of his apartment in Midtown New York when he fell from the 20th floor: the impact to the ground was naturally fatal.

He fell from the 20th floor of a very tall apartment building, apparently while he was doing his homework on the terrace of his apartment. This is the tragic fate of a 13 year old, according to the reconstruction provided by the police and confirmed by his family. Matthew Pierre – this is the name of the very young victim – was found shirtless around 6 this morning in Midtown Manhattan, New York, in the United States, police said. Under the circumstances, the news caused a lot of hype, but it is still yellow about the causes of such a dramatic event.

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The yellow on the causes of the 13-year-old’s death

The 13-year-old’s family members explained to police officers that the boy was on the terrace of his apartment at 400 W. 43rd St. His mother and sister were home at the time of his death, authorities said, but they couldn’t. do nothing to prevent the tragic course of events. Matthew was pronounced dead on the spot: it is impossible to save himself from such a fall.

Meanwhile, the New York Police Department has said that no further details are currently available. The officers limited themselves to pointing out that the injuries found on the victim consisted of a fall from a high height. The terrible suspicion is that it was a suicidal act, or perhaps – but the conditional is a must – of a mysterious accident due to an illness or a fatal distraction.

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