“12 years ago I walked these streets dreaming”

| 17/03/2021 – 8:46am (GMT-4)

J Balvin is about to release his next song, Your poison, a subject that he wanted to advance while walking through New York. More specifically through the streets of Queens, through the same streets that twelve years ago I walked while dreaming of succeeding in music …

“12 years ago he walked through these streets dreaming,” he commented next to the video in which we see him walking through the Big Apple while what will surely be his next musical hit is playing.

Before this post, many of his followers have reacted with fire emoticons as a sign of approval for the theme that will premiere this Thursday, March 18, while others have sentenced that it is an example of motivation.

The Colombian singer has shown that there are no impossibilities for him, nor barriers that prevent him from continuing to climb to the top of the Latin industry because based on hard work, perseverance and a good dose of talent, he has reached the world music cover. .

This is not the first time that the artist remembers his humble beginnings and how he started from scratch to become one of the most acclaimed Latin singers.

Last year, on the occasion of the Latin Grammy Awards, the artist remembered how a decade ago he dreamed with one of the golden gramophones …

Ten years later, he not only fulfilled his dream but also became the artist with the highest number of nominations for these awards in a single year with 13 nominations. An achievement that earned him a Guinness Record.

“Year 2010, dreams under my arm and the vision that one day I would be nominated for a Grammy. Now, 10 years later, it was all worth it, nothing comes for free, what quickly comes, quickly goes. I will always think it is better a solid foundation than a quick race. Today I can tell you: love the processes and enjoy the journey! “, he commented last October to his followers, motivating them to pursue their dreams as he did.

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