12-year-old segregated in a room for years until death: “He weighed only 20 kilos”

Beaten up and left without food for days in an empty room by his parents. A 12-year-old died of malnutrition and beatings

He spent years segregated in a room until his body could no longer resist and died. The sad fate of a little boy who has never known the unconditional love of a family has fallen to Maxwell Schollenberger, a 12-year-old from Pennsylvania who has spent most of his life locked in a room by his parents. The discovery of his body took place in Anneville last May 26 but it was only in these hours the news spread: the perpetrators of the terrible act of cruelty are 42-year-old father Scott Schollenberger Jr. and 35-year-old girlfriend Kimberly Maurer, arrested with the charge of murder. The boy lived in a kind of prison room with barred windows and little or nothing inside. The district attorney investigating the case, Pier Hess Graf, explained to reporters that the room was practically empty and dark. and it was covered in feces. It also emerged that the 12-year-old never went to school and never received any kind of medical treatment. A post-mortem examination performed on his body revealed other dramatic details: at the time of his death he weighed only 20 kilos and would have died from the consequences of malnutrition and a head injury.

The shocking revelations of the investigators: “Here’s what they did to the child”

In course of interrogations the biological father and ten-year adoptive mother, who have three other children whom he treated normally, explained that they used three metal hooks to lock the young man in the room. The three small children were instructed to ignore the boy, who was treated like a prisoner and it turned out that one of them did not even know he existed. The children were placed in the care of county child care officials. “Max Schollenberger existed. I won’t call it living. It existed in a state of perpetual suffering – stressed the district attorney explaining that – at the time of his death he lived in that room 24 hours a day, seven days a week ”. Regularly left without food, the little one was constantly beaten and it seems that he could not even stand up anymore. It is not yet clear why the parents have the eldest son imprisoned; the investigations continue.

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