12 Thousand Aceh Students Complete the Second Dose of Covid-19 Vaccination

INDONESIAN EYE, BANDA ACEH – A total of 12,840 students or teenagers have completed the covid-19 vaccination in Aceh. Meanwhile, 19,835 other teenagers have taken the first dose of Sinovac vaccine. The target for school groups in Aceh was 577,017 people.

“Adolescents targeted for Covid-19 vaccination according to the national vaccination technical guidelines are the 12-17 year age group, whose vaccination will only start on July 1, 2021 in Aceh,” said Saifullah Abdulgani alias SAG, Spokesperson for Aceh Covid-19, Sunday 19 September 2021.

He explained that vaccinations for teenagers will increase in the coming days, and the target for vaccines for this school group will be completed on September 31, 2021 in Aceh. Every parent should be proactive and rush to take their children to the nearest vaccine delivery place to where they live.

Covid-19 vaccination for school age and students to prepare for face-to-face learning at school and campus. “If you look at the declining trend of Covid-19 in Aceh and the national level, there is a possibility that face-to-face learning will soon take place and all teenagers in Aceh will be protected with the second dose of vaccination,” said SAG.

He also reported the coverage of Covid-19 vaccination for other target groups in Aceh. Sinovac’s first dose of vaccination for health workers (Nakes) has reached 60,458 people, or 107 percent of the initial target of around 56,470 people. Health workers who have received the second dose of vaccine are 53,155 people or 94.1 percent. Meanwhile, health workers who have received the third dose of vaccine with the Moderna vaccine are 14,205 people or 25.2 percent.

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While the first dose of vaccination for the elderly (elderly) has reached 25,503 people, or about 7.5 percent of the target of 339,125 people. There were 13,049 elderly people who had finished injecting the second dose or about 3.8 percent.

Furthermore, there are 295,841 public service officers who have received the first dose of vaccine. Around 61.8 percent of the target of 478,489 people. And those who have completed the second dose are 159,563 people, or about 33.3 percent.

The general public and other vulnerable groups. The vaccination target for this group is 2,577,792 people. A total of 469,714 people had received dose I, or about 18.2 percent. Meanwhile, 233,154 people, about 9.0 percent, had received the second dose on time.

In general, added SAG, the progress of dose I vaccination has reached 871,351 people. 21.6 percent of the total target of 4,028,891 people in Aceh.

There were 471,761 people who had injected the second dose, or 11.7 percent. The injection of the second dose is tied to the injection time of dose I of each person and target group. “We urge everyone to get the vaccine at the first opportunity, so that Aceh can reach it faster herd immunity or group immunity,” he said.

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