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“12 strokes of noon” on March 26: finally a clue to the mysterious star!

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“12 strokes of noon” on March 26: summary and video. The mysterious star of the “Twelve noon shots” has not finished making headlines. The personality behind it – it’s a woman – is not necessarily known to everyone. If the youngest, well especially those who surf on the web and social networks, know it well, we have the right to wonder if this is really the case of those who watch the show daily!


When you know the name of the one hiding behind this mysterious star, we even bet that many of you will wonder who it is …

According to the YouTube Star Hunter, but we are unable to confirm this, Eric will not recognize it right away … when the star has revealed all of its boxes.


“12 strokes of noon” on March 26: summary of the program

What to take away from today’s program? That Eric won again and that he drops 1,500 euros more into his kitty after his victory at 3,000 euros today.

On the side of the mysterious star, Eric unsuccessfully proposed the name of the prisoner, the great and late Johnny Hallyday.

First clues to the mysterious star

On the side of the mysterious star, the beginning of a new clue is looming on the horizon. Take a good look at the bottom left of the image. There’s yellow, there’s red but right now we’re having a hard time discerning what it’s all about. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to share!

And then there is this large space which acts as a decor. It sounds like an American landscape that could be somewhere on the California side. Please note this is only an assumption that goes without saying.

However, this is also what Eric sees, who, in addition to Johnny today, has already proposed in previous shows the names of Tommy Lee Jones and Johnny Depp.

And yet, we can assure you, we are light years away from the right answer!

Containment boosts audience

Very widely the leader in the midday time slot, confinement explodes the figures. Nearly 5 million viewers each media day on TF1. Yesterday you were thus 4.8 million to attend the new victory of Eric.

The “12 noon shots” will resonate again tomorrow at 12 noon on TF1. As for those who prefer another channel or who were not in front of their television screen, possibility of video catching up thanks to the replay accessible on MYTF1 for 7 days.


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