12 Corona cases between nursing .. What happened in Karmouz Hospital “Alama

01:49 am

Thursday 07 May 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badry:

Sporadic medical sources confirmed that 12 nursing staff from the Care Unit of Karmouz Hospital for Health Insurance in Alexandria have been infected with the new Corona virus, while the hospital corridors witnessed a state of controversy among some workers and management about the measures taken to protect them.

And nursing staff workers – who requested that their names not be released – demanded that all hospital personnel be swabed for fear of transmission to them.

For his part, Dr. Anani Ismail, director of the North West Delta branch of health insurance, and the supervisor of insurance hospitals in Alexandria, said that the accusations of the medical administration of neglecting to make medical staff smears are not valid, pointing to the existence of followed-up medical protocols that ensure the follow-up of all those who show symptoms Or whoever was in contact with an infected case including examination procedures, as well as imposing isolation on the contacts.

Ismail confirmed, in a statement to “Masrawy”, that there are 12 positive cases among the nursing personnel, noting that the surveillance procedures revealed that the first case was injured outside the hospital as a result of its work elsewhere, and that due to some wrong behaviors from some workers who did not adhere to the measures of social separation and prevention Became infected with the virus.

He pointed out that smears were made for all patients inmates in the departments that showed infections between nursing and all came negative for the virus, which confirmed the absence of a epidemic focus inside the hospital, pointing out that it was decided to close the care and operations departments for a period of 14 days with the implementation of the sterilization and disinfection protocol, while all Hospital departments work normally.

He pointed out that the emergence of injuries in medical personnel is a possibility in all countries of the world, and that there is no shortening of being one of the first to be exposed to direct contact with cases, stressing the Egyptian state’s keenness on the safety of its citizens and its strong response to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

He continued: “The strategic stock of medical and preventive supplies in the hospital is sufficient for a period of 6 months, which indicates that there is no crisis related to the lack of medical supplies or preventive measures in health insurance hospitals.”

He stressed the commitment of the Health Insurance Authority to take care of its staff, including medical and nursing staff and workers, and to preserve their lives, as they are the first line of defense in the face of the Corona pandemic.



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