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Pathanamthitta: International Magazine on Development in Electrical Sector With the help of the Central Government, aiming at the innovation towards Revamped Distribution Se, a scheme implemented by KSEB Ltd. 116.83 for Pathanamthitta district included in the sector scheme in the first phase. Anto Anthony MP informed that Rs.

Out of this, Rs 75.89 crore is in the distribution sector and Rs 40.94 crore in the transmission sector. Activities permitted under RDDS 1 . Out of this, 60.99 crore is for works to reduce transmission loss and 55.84 crore for modern For processing operations and utilization. Out of this, works worth Rs. 60.99 crore have been tendered.

404.78 crore to Pathanamthitta district in the second phase of the project. Projects have been submitted. Laying of 11 KV New Lines, Replacement of 11 KV Line Wires, Transfo Installation of RMs, Installation of New LT Lines, LT Line Change wires, LT line conversion, install load break switch, Install the ring main unit. Along with that Pamba from Triveni substation to Atthotud Tribal Colony. 4.94 crores for laying 19 km underground cable and supplying electricity. 700 meter LT line for Colony Electrification to Laha Manjath. 8.13 lakhs for Likhunna also included in the new guidelines. There is

Distribution and broadcasting sectors are scientifically refined and improved. Uninterrupted access to electricity, innovation in energy sector Achieve customer satisfaction and efficiency through innovation The MP said that this is the aim of the scheme.

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