113 km / h too fast in Switzerland – German has to give up 600-hp Mercedes – news abroad

Bad Zurzach – Oliver A. (47) pounded a Swiss country road at a whopping 193 km / h in summer. 113 km / h too fast, 80 km / h were allowed.

The German, who has lived in the canton of Aargau for 16 years, is now paying dearly for that: the court withdrew the razor’s driver’s license – and his 600 hp Mercedes E63 AMG too!

Foto: PR

“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/so-einen-mercedes-e63-amg-fuhr-der-deutsche-das-gericht-beschlagnahmte-das-auto-7536efd744b94ca790fd4445d18b1302-74878900/ Image / 7.bild.jpg “/>

The German drove such a Mercedes E63 AMG. The court confiscated the carFoto: PR

“I overtook someone and stayed on the accelerator”, A. told the newspaper “Blick”. “I was in control of my car. There was nobody on the street. “

The court saw it differently. “It was the highest speed ever measured in this district,” said the judge. A “danger to the public” from Oliver A. could “not be excluded” in the future.

Mercedes is to be auctioned

The building cleaner wants to appeal against the loss of his car: “I inherited it. From my wife, who died in 2018. “

The Mercedes is to be auctioned, the proceeds going to the state treasury.


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