112 news: collision of injured woman • Bossche arrested for robbery

A 33-year-old Polish man collided with two company buses parked at high speed on Bredaseweg in Tilburg on Monday afternoon. One of those vans crashed into a tree. The driver had fled along the bike path when the police wanted to check him. The driver and a 22-year-old compatriot sitting next to him were injured and taken to hospital.

The driver tested positive for amphetamine use and appears to have no driving license. White powder was found in the car. The car, a Renault with a Belgian registration, was confiscated because it was not registered and appears not to be insured. The police call it a ‘ghost car’: an untraceable vehicle with a foreign license plate. The police will prepare an official report for these cases and the dangerous driving behavior.

The entire road was littered with debris after the impact. Research and witness statements show that Poles drove too fast on the 50-kilometer road. The driver also admitted this, but said the car’s brakes weren’t working properly.

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