11 Unannounced Features of iOS 17 from Apple’s WWDC 2023

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Wednesday, 07 Jun 2023 05:45 WIB

Illustration. Apple introduced iOS 17 with several features that spoil users. (Matcuz/Pixabay)

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Apple introduced a number of iOS 17 features at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) stage, but there are still many features that were not introduced, from searching for recipes from food pictures to sharing playlists on Apple Music.

One of the features iOS 17 introduced on the WWDC 2023 stage was the contact “poster” feature which allows iPhone users to design a custom image that will appear when the user calls someone or accepts their call.

iPhone users will be able to personalize their contact’s “poster” with a photo or “memoji” of choice, as well as text.

Apart from that, Apple also introduced a new feature called Live Voicemail to transcribe caller messages in real-time.

iOS 17, which is likely to be launched in September, also has a number of other features that were not announced on the WWDC stage. Quoted from Tech Crunchhere are 11 features that were not announced on the WWDC stage:

1. Apple extends the visual capabilities of its computers by introducing recipe search in iOS 17. Users will be able to tap a food item in an image and search for that recipe.

2. Apple has also expanded its cutout feature, which allows users to lift objects out of images and videos. With this new update, users can “Search” for these objects to find more information about them.

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3. The Photos application can later recognize the user’s pets, such as cats and dogs, and place them in the people section.

4. An update to Freeform will introduce new drawing tools such as a watercolor brush, calligraphy pen, highlighter, variable width pen, and ruler

5. With iOS 17, Apple will apply a nudity filter to “Nude photos and videos showing private parts of the body that are normally covered by underwear or swimwear.” This is important to prevent viewing unwanted nudes.

Users will see a pop-up asking if they want to view sensitive photos. In addition to agreeing to view or not view the image, users can also tap “how to get help.” However, it is not clear which source the company will provide for the option.

This feature will be available system-wide with images received via AirDrop, system-wide photo selection, FaceTime messages, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and third-party apps.

6. There is a new pronoun column for user contacts.

7. iOS 17 will introduce several new wallpapers, including a category called Kaleidoscope.

8. Apple introduced the feature shared playlist or shared playlists for Apple Music so you can create playlists with your friends. They can also provide reactions to songs in the Now Playing queue.

9. Apple also finally introduced the option crossfade in the Music app. Apart from that, they also redesigned the Now Playing section in the app.

10. Apple News+ subscribers will now get access to Crosswords and Mini Crosswords.

11. With iOS 17, users can share AirTags with up to five people and use the Find My app to locate objects.

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