11 thousand Facebook post about “miracle” drugs against Covid eliminated – Noticias en la Mira con Lourdes Mendoza

More than 11 thousand contents that advertised the sale of false treatments against Covid-19 They were eliminated from the social network Facebook in Mexico thanks to a joint effort carried out in the last three months between Meta and Cofepris.

Meta, a firm that brings together social networks Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) carry out a monitoring and video surveillance strategy.

Bertha Mayor Luján, head of the Sanitary Operation Commission of Cofepris, explained that verification actions on social networks and the internet are a priority since they allow complementing the surveillance activities carried out in the field by federal verifiers and expand the capabilities of risk detection to the Health.

The sale and drug advertising, food supplements and other products not regulated by the health authority are considered to be of doubtful origin and is not allowed by Meta.

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Both instances exhorted the population not to fall for this type of online fraud, after 11,200 fraudulent publications were detected in the last 90 days.

Through a joint statement, Meta highlighted that the work carried out with Cofepris has been relevant during the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

The firm of Mark Zuckerberg se supports in Mexico a Commission team dedicated to digital monitoring to report to the company non-compliance with sanitary regulations on misleading drugs and food supplements offered on its network.

prevent fraud

They advised Facebook users to exercise caution and take the following steps to avoid online fraud:

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* Report the sale of alleged drugs or medical services not regulated, including treatments that claim to cure or prevent Covid-19, to Meta and making a complaint to the health authority.

* Distrust the pages of Facebook and profiles of Instagram They claim to represent large companies, but are not verified with a blue badge.

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